Eckville Mayor, Helen Posti, honoured in Manor House room dedication

by Jasmine O'Halloran-Han, Eckville Echo

Eckville Mayor Helen Posti cut the white ribbon to celebrate the room the Eckville Manor House dedicated to her last Tuesday.

The room – called Helen’s Haven – has sliding doors that open to a beautifully decorated room that Manor Manager, Lisa Leschert, said is supposed to give off a “home feeling.”

There is a sitting area with a fireplace, a love seat, a couch and coffee table to the right, and a dining table and chairs to the left.

“It’s just a family setting,” Leschert said. “So if we have residents’ families come in and they want to have a private event they can go into this room and use it. If you want to have a private dinner with your family, that space is there for privacy. It’s more of a home-like environment.”

Leschert said the room was dedicated to Helen Posti because of Posti’s many contributions to the Manor and the community. She sad Posti also attends functions held at the Manor on a regular basis.

“It’s just a way of honouring her and all that she has done for our lodge,” said Leschert. “It’s a celebration.”

Upon receiving the dedication, Posti said she felt that there were other people who deserved the dedication more than she did. She still graciously accepted the dedication and described it as “absolutely wonderful.”

She said accepting the dedication alone would be selfish, and proceeded to share the acceptance with the Manor’s volunteers, staff and residents. 

“This is a wonderful place because of all the people who have worked to make it that way,” Posti said. “I think about all the wonderful connections I had through this place. I am so fortunate to be here and where I am because of all the wonderful people.”

Leschert explained to Manor residents that they can book the room for whenever they want to use it. When residents aren’t using the room, it will be used for other functions or meetings.

“The Manor House has always tried to give the residents a home-like environment and this is one way that we can do something for them,” Leschert said. “This is their space to be used with their families, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and whoever. We just want to make it a little more homey and it absolutely is. It’s a beautiful room.”