The Affordable & Community Housing Program provides subsidized rental housing to low income families, senior citizens, and individuals with special needs who cannot afford private sector accommodation.

Affordable Housing

  • Terrace Heights Affordable Housing - Lacombe (28 - 2 & 3 bedroom Townhouse units in complex)
  • Blackfalds Affordable Housing project (16, 3 bedroom townhouses, 2 two-bedroom bungalows for seniors, 2 two-bedroom wheelchair accessible bungalows)

To apply for affordable housing, please fill out an Application Form and Income Verification Form.

Community Housing

  • 13 Community Housing units for low-income families - Lacombe
  • 15 Homes for low-income families, contracted through private landlords – Lacombe

Direct to Tenant Rent Subsidy Program for singles and families are targeted for low income households who need help managing monthly rent payments. To apply for community housing or a direct rent subsidy, please fill out an Application Form and Income Verification Form.

Eligibility for Community Housing is based on a provincial point-scoring criteria to ensure housing opportunities are provided to those most in need. Need is determined by income, assets, and current housing condition (Core Need Income Threshold). Eligible applicants will be placed on the Community Social Housing waiting list.

To learn more about these programs, please contact us or download an information brochure.